Namrata S Sangwan


Namrata is a Digital Entrepreneur Since 2009.She has worked with companies like Mafoi,Pinstorm,Webchutney,Colgate and more before that.She has double masters in HR and Law and loves to tell stories,create sustainable businesses and work with startups wither as a Coach,Strategist or Fund Raiser.

She is the Founder of Antfort,Everymedia and Dark Horse Network Media.She has co founded other outfits in tandem with partners too.

She is now in the consolidation and growth phase of her career and works with Traditional businesses using Digital to grow and new businesses looking to connect the dots.

She is passionate about content and audience!

She adores 'Aaron Sorkin' and 'BoJack Horseman'!

Project Underway

Startup Coaching

She Coaches Entrepreneurs and Startups to work on specific areas basis her own life experience and learnings.idea is to create a support network and community and take a inside out approach to evolution.

Entrepreneur Enablement

Entrepreneurs are needed by a society at all times,not to create jobs or money but to give the courage to dream a better dream.Better not bigger!Enabling them is a privilege and thats only about morale,belief and network

The often stated 'truth' of '90% of the startups close in the first year' is a fallacy!

Chairperson of Mumbai ALL(All Ladies League) 2017

In 2017 She with her 'Shakti Bandhan' of fellow Women Warriors is working on:

We are looking for the Famous 30*30* 30 companies to fund!

We dont get carried away by 'fake' valuation businesses and we care about impact,people and ideas!

Only way to become a Billionaire is to impact a Billion Lives in a meaningful way!There is no shortcut!

Use Stories to Educate for the Emerging World Reality!

She is looking for simple stories which builds one up for a world where you will change careers and skill sets 19 times in your life and all repetitive jobs will be replaced by Robots and there only your emotional acumen and cognitive skills will matters

Remember-"To Sir,With Love' or 'Educating Rita'

She is an advocate for 'homeschooling' and staying off the 'system'

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